>what a beautiful day the last day of school always is. it was, quite literally, the most beautiful day i’ve seen in a long time. the sun rose and i was already awake as it crested the hill by our house. with a joyful heart, i hopped in the shower, threw on a dress (last day of school rejoicing attire), and sped on over to the high school i teach (taught) at to give fifty freshmen (now sophomores) a final exam on Romeo & Juliet. as they took their test, i frantically graded a few last essays that some (very late) students turned in. and now, at 3pm, i am DONE! i’ve turned in my keys at both of my schools, i’m praying that i’ll be at just one school next year, and i’m ready for summer! in honor of the impending summer, i spent both last night and the night before reading books instead of grading essays. i stopped by the library yesterday and got six books (i only let myself get two normally). i’m pretty excited!