>i feel like i’ve been losing my mind lately. it’s true, school did just start a week ago, but my brain shouldn’t be gone this early in the game! i have a lot of writing to grade already (the pain of being an english teacher, ugh), but i have had absolutely NO motivation to do any of it. i know i need to: for the kids to get immediate feedback, for parents to know how their kids are doing, for my own sanity, but for some reason i just can’t handle it right now. i go home and all i want to do is read a book! i’ve been rereading books recently instead of grading simply because it’s what i’d prefer to do.

i feel like i need to have my mom standing above me checking my work, like she did when i was in sixth grade and didn’t do any of the math homework for a quarter and i had to make it all up in a week. ick. my goal is this: finish grading all of the first essays by Friday by the end of my prep period (6th). i’ll let you know how i did then…but for now, no books or blogging! let’s do this!