Today I have a guest post from my favorite person in the world…my fabulous husband!  And in case you’re wondering if you can trust what he has to say about the book below, his beard is proof that he’s awesome:

If you are interested in making your own cider, Real Cidermaking on a Small Scale is a great start (and finish) to get into the process.   They walk you through all the steps and details in the process.  They also provide a detailed set of plans to make your own cider press (very handy in making your own cider), and give you some steps to make pear and other kinds of cider.  Perhaps one of the most enjoyable benefits of this book, that differs from other how to books or technical docs, is that the authors (Michael Pooley and John Lomax) throw a bit of their own personality into the process of cider making ex. a note about the juice pressing process: “Copious quantities of wine, beer, or even some of last year’s cider (if you have any left) will help ensure the wit, repartee, and gossip begin to flow in line with the juice.”  It makes the book much easier to read and keeps the fun in the process as opposed to turning it into a project or a chore.

My wife cannot eat wheat and cider is one great option to beer so this book will definitely get a lot of use in our house, at least until we get the process down well enough to write our own little book.