I have a problem.  A book problem.  And it’s about to get a lot worse.



Because I’ve decided to embark on a new adventure.  A reading adventure.  Before I start, I need to make some decisions.


First, where to start?  The list is divided into subsections (comedy, crime, family, love, etc.) and these subsections are organized alphabetically by last name.  I reorganized the list and put it in alphabetical order by book title.  I think I’m going to start at the bottom and read two books.  Then I’ll scoot all the way up to the top and read two.  So on and so forth.  That way I’ll have a chance to read across genre and won’t feel stifled when I’m slogging through the war section, or something like that.  But I’m going to start with East of Eden by John Steinbeck because it’s already upstairs in my book pile from the library.  Booyah.


Second, do I reread?  I read The Great Gatsby in high school and really enjoyed it.  Then I read it (again and again) when I taught it.  I don’t feel the need to reread.  I read All Quiet on the Western Front in high school.  And I hated it.  But I feel like I probably should reread it as a more mature and discerning reader.  I read Beloved in college while falling in love with my husband and reading 29 other books that quarter.  And I remember enjoying it but knowing if I had spent more time with it, I’d get so much more out of it.  Reread?  I read Little Women so many times when I was a teenager yet I still feel like I’d like to reread it as an adult.  So maybe I’ll need to take it on a case to case basis but reread most that I haven’t read within the last five years.


Third, what about life?  Or the lack of outside life that would be expected from this undertaking?  Well, I’m going to take this slowly.  I figure I’ll spread this list out over the next ten years.  Terrifyingly enough, with that in mind, I’ll be 27 when I finish…eek.  But really, if I didn’t learn anything else from my experience of cramming all but four of the necessary classes for my English Language Literature major into ONE YEAR (three quarters), I did learn that reading as fast as possible just to finish is no way to engage my brain with literature.  So slowly I embark on the 1000 novel long list.


Here goes nothing. 🙂