I have previously enjoyed work by Diann Hunt (Be Sweet was a funny, entertaining read) so I was expecting I’d enjoy her latest (well, newly published as an e-book, originally published in 2008 as hard copy) novel Bittersweet Surrender. I did, to some extent enjoy it; however, I did have some issues with it.

First, Jake was a jerk. He was terrible to his teenage daughter and it was frustrating to watch Carly continue to pursue her relationship with him.

Second, there inconsistencies in the plot, especially noticeable since I had recently finished reading Smitten.

Third, I struggled to get into the characters. Carly seemed to be too whiny. It was frustrating that Scott would put up with that. It didn’t help that Melissa was obnoxious and always popping up in the story. Carly’s stepmom, also obnoxious.

The novel was not all bad. I did enjoy pieces of the story.

The good things:

The only characters I really liked were Jake’s daughter and Carly’s obnoxious stepmom. They were unique and I appreciated their slight comic relief.

There were some funny parts to help me like the story a bit more. Humor was stilted in some parts but there were moments when I found myself laughing aloud.

Thanks, Thomas Nelson, for providing me with an e-book in exchange for my honest review.