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Audra is tough. Ethan is seemingly apathetic. Their worlds collide when they’re suddenly married. Surprise!

In Mary Connealy’s second book in The Kincaid Brides series, In Too Deep, Ethan and Audra are married for convenience’s sake and far too practical to expect love will ever come from their union. Ethan is still dealing with his own issues with his older, bossy brother Rafe, and his guilt after believing he caused his younger brother Seth to go crazy. Audra is a newly widowed mother of two with nowhere else to go. Her stepdaughter, Julia, recently married to Ethan’s brother, Rafe, is still obsessed with caves and fossils (she and Rafe were the subjects of the first book, see my review here). They’re all still in danger of the outlaws coming after them trying to recover the money Julia’s dad/Audra’s former husband stole.

I did not like Out of Control, the first in this series. Julia was obnoxious and I was not a fan. I went into reading In Too Deep with low expectations and I was pleasantly surprised. While the dialogue and a decent number of scenes felt very forced (particularly at the beginning of the novel), I overall enjoyed In Too Deep. Cheesy, yes. Predictable, yes. But much more entertaining and engaging than the first. The relationship between Audra and Ethan was interesting and well-written. Ethan’s struggles with his personal demons were not only well-written, but they provided insight into the character that helped to round the reader’s understanding. The subplots involving Seth and his sanity (and presumably the subject of the next book in the series, his wife) as well as Jasper and Trixie were engaging and helped broaden the book’s otherwise limited scope.

Overall, while maybe not a novel to reread, In Too Deep was entertaining and a good distraction from busy life.

I was so kindly provided an advanced review copy from Bethany House. My opinions are my own.