Darlene’s family is going through some rough transitions. They don’t quite know where they all fit in their new town, in their new jobs, in their new friendships. But they are clinging to each other…until they lose their footing.


Need You Now, Beth Wiseman’s latest is a quick, fast-paced novel. I read it in one sitting and really enjoyed it. Darlene and Brad seem to have it all together until cracks begin to ripple between them and external life changes impact their formerly secure world, and marriage. Their kids were really well-written, true to life characters. Grace’s struggles are realistic and her scenes were written remarkably. As a middle and high school teacher trained to recognize the what, I really appreciated reading more about the why, the mindset of a teenager cutting.

I’m embarrassed to tell this on myself but in all honesty, I’d say the book’s power rested in its ability to capture the reader’s heart and emotions. While reading, I had to put the book down because I was feeling so guilty. I was thinking about my actions and feeling terrible about myself and how my actions had hurt my dear husband. I was really starting to beat myself up until I realized that I was so closely identifying with Darlene that I was feeling guilty for her mistakes!!

While I did wish Wiseman would have delved deeper into Layla’s back story, I did really enjoy the novel. Definitely a quick (sad, at the end) read, but it is going to stay with me beyond just the couple hours it took to read it.

Thanks, Thomas Nelson, for the review copy. My opinions are my own.