I’m not a huge fan of historical fiction (particularly Christian historical fiction…for some reason it ends up cheesier than usual) so I was pleasantly surprised by Elizabeth Camden’s latest, The Rose of Winslow Street.  It was a quick read but it was entertaining, funny, and well-written.

Libby Sawyer is shocked when strangers come to town and challenge her father’s ownership of the home she grew up in.  Worse than her shock about the house is her shock of attraction to the rude stranger leading the group in her home!  Somewhat of a cheesy plot but I found myself engrossed in Camden’s plot line.

Libby’s quirks made her likeable but unique.  I appreciated that she was not the typical weak, feminine character.  Michael was a hard character to follow as he was really unpredictable.  One moment he was kind and the other he was a jerk.  I felt slightly whiplashed as I read more and got to know Michael’s character.

Camden did a good job, though, of not presenting Michael and Professor Sawyer (Libby’s dad) with one being the clear good guy and the other as the clear bad guy.  I was not sure how Camden would resolve the conflict since they were fighting over the house and one losing would mean the other would end up homeless.  Her resolution was slightly unbelievable but it worked well for her plot purposes.

Overall, I enjoyed Camden’s latest novel.  She wove a lovely story with a few intriguing subplots.  Well done!  Thanks to Bethany House for the review copy.  My opinions are my own.