I am an unashamed lover of YA fiction. Love it. Especially love funny YA. Jenny B Jones is one of my favorites. But move over, Jenny, Krista McGee is closing in on you!

Krista’s latest, Starring Me, was hilarious. I loved reading Kara’s story and following Addy and Jonathan as well. Kara was hilarious (really my favorite character) in First Date, McGee’s first novel, and I was so excited to see that she was the *star* (no pun intended) of her own book!

I loved the character of Flora! The English lit major in me was so happy that the teens reading the book would be encouraged to read and exposed to some high class literature. 🙂

Chad’s character was another plus. He was such a nice guy and I loved that he seemed real. Loved to think that girls will see him as a real person and not just a pop star.

Overall, I loved Starring Me. I loved McGee’s story of redemption for Kara. I have enjoyed both of her novels and I can’t wait for McGee’s next book! Thanks, Thomas Nelson, for the review copy of Starring Me. My opinions are my own.