How often do I wallow in my own self-pity, losing focus of the incredible ways God has come through for me?  It feels like a daily routine.  Something we’ve been talking a lot about recently is our desire to stop the whining and start remembering.  I was reading the other day in 1 Samuel and came across the following:

“Be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.”-1 Samuel 12:24

The last part of this verse seemed especially significant to me that day because of what precedes it in that chapter.  There is a list–a lengthy list–of things that God has done for his people.  Reminders of his acts of faithfulness that occurred even when they doubted and struggled.  Reminders of how he took care of them and did not ever leave them on their own.

And I was struck when I realized how often I lose sight of what God has done in my life, in my friends’ lives, in my family’s lives, in the world around me.  It’s like my selective memory turns itself on and next thing I know, I’m remembering only the hard times.  I forget about the beautiful ways God redeemed my life, my family, my marriage, my hopes and dreams.  He has taken care of me in the most incredible and personal ways.


Just last week, right before I was to start my new job (!), I had a freak out.  Total panic.  I didn’t have any professional work clothes.  I had a few outfits but the rest is still stored somewhere deep inside the trailer.  I was panicking.  “I don’t think I should have taken the job…we don’t have extra money for me to go buy new clothes…I don’t have a natural sense of style like Eric or my sister in law…I can’t match clothes to save my life.”  I had a terrible attitude and was really ugly to Eric.


Seriously, two hours later, God reminded me how he always goes before me and takes care of me, no matter how silly it seems.

Hey, Jess, I have some clothes for you in the car, if you want them. -sister in law with incredible style and class

That night, two overflowing bags of clothes later, I sat on the bed and was silent.  My ugly heart had been shown incredible beauty in the intimate and personal ways God took care of me.  He went before me and did great things for me.  More than anything though, he reminded me that I need to remind myself and ask him to remind me to remember his faithfulness.


So with that, I leave a quick list of some ways he’s been faithful to me:

–clothes–job–family–new client with a big smile–lead–working calendar–thank you notes and thank yous for doing them–Nick and Christina’s wedding–Amy–unexpected friends–Erin–good talks–mint tea–barfless day for the cats–podcasts–smiles from Becky–confidence–delicious dinner–resolution of conflict–health insurance–oranges–instant hot water–mom–sewing machine–messenger bags sold–mums–game night–good cookies–potato/sweet potato/apple mashed deliciousness–kind Fred Meyer checker–vision–physical therapy–warm clothes–brothers–roof–space heater–friendly faces–sour patch watermelon–dad–synced iPad to work calendar–affirmations–friends–milk duds–my sweet husband–supportive family–grandma–figuring out the cross stitch thing–peace about new job–learning new things–renewed excitement–pretzels on sale–good night’s rest last night–comfy bed–changing leaves–fog in the morning–clouds–learning my way around–long list of things I’m thankful for!