Annie Wilkerson doesn’t trust many people, especially not anyone in a pair of cowboy boots with a propensity for leaving.  She learned from her mother that not many men would stay, but particularly not cowboys.  Dylan is a cowboy and although he makes her heart speed up, he’s out of the question.  But when Annie needs Dylan’s help with her new column for the magazine, she thinks they can at least get along until she figures it out on her own.  Too bad her heart is stronger than she can even imagine.

In Denise Hunter’s latest novel, The Trouble with Cowboys, she completes her Big Sky series (of which I enjoyed the first two novels).  While its character development better than some, I was disappointed with The Trouble with Cowboys for a few reasons.  It’s possible that I’m just frustrated with the genre and with the Christian publishing houses that only seem to publish cheesy and unrealistic fiction but I did think that Hunter’s plot progressed soooo very slowly.  I tried so many times to get into the story but found myself getting distracted easily and losing the story.  It wasn’t that Annie was boring; she certainly wasn’t.  Dylan was a great character and he was a better hero than most.  I just felt like the plot meandered along with frustrating interruptions.


I’ve really enjoyed previous novels by Hunter but this one just didn’t do it for me.  I’d give it three out of five stars.  Thank you though, Thomas Nelson, for a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.