I have loved other books by Beth Webb Hart (Sunrise on the Battery and Love, Charleston) and during the months I read it, enjoyed her contributions to Southern Belle View.  She is a beautiful writer and her latest novel, Moon over Edisto, was no exception.

The Bennett family was torn apart and changed forever on Edisto Island.  Family broken, they all went their separate ways and stayed separate until a new tragedy strikes.

I hated starting this book.  I knew that it would bring up questions of forgiveness and friendship that would be challenging for me.  I read the first six chapters then had to put it down.  My ugly heart, struggling with forgiving a friend in real life, just couldn’t handle  what I knew would come in this book.  But today–weeks after first starting the novel and after momentous growth over the past week toward forgiveness–I was compelled to restart the novel.  I quickly connected to the characters and the heart of the story.

Hart is such a gifted writer.  Her subject matter was difficult but the beauty of her writing helped me to engage with the importance of forgiveness in a fresh way.  Would I have been able to forgive Marney and react the way Julia did?  Or would I have been Meg (Margaret, I mean) and lived in the pain and bitterness?  My heart wishes I would be Julia; I know I would probably be Meg.  I appreciate engaging with these challenges through fiction.

Thank you, Thomas Nelson, for the review copy of Moon over Edisto in exchange for my honest review.  I continue to enjoy Beth Webb Hart’s writing and appreciate you continuing to publish her work!