When I first received Ginny Yttrup’s latest novel, Invisible in the mail for review, I admit that I judged it harshly (and not by its cover…I actually really liked its cover :)). It looked like the typical Christian fiction novel with no real substance. It looked like it was going to be the typical “find your identity in God and your life will be perfect and you’ll live happy forever.”


Fast forward a month later to receiving a reminder email to post my review: I forced myself to sit down and start reading. The next thing I knew, I was late for a meeting but I was HOOKED on the story! Ellyn and Sabina, two of the main characters, intrigued me right from the beginning. But Twila, oh my, she got me. I don’t want to give anything away but Twila was the real deal. Yttrup portrays her struggles beautifully and those struggles are honest and real. This is one of the first Christian fiction novels I’ve seen do this and do it masterfully (Christa Allan has it down too. She’s awesome.).

The homesick for California part of me loved Yttrup’s descriptions of Mendocino and the northern coast. The follower of Jesus part of me loved the way God was not a crutch but was a foundation for health. The Celiac and chronic GI pain sufferer part of me loved the health food snippets. All of me would recommend Ginny Yttrup’s latest novel Invisible to a reader looking for some authenticity in their fiction.

Days later and I’m still coming back to the St. Augustine quote and its connection to my own life.  How often do I pass by myself or others without wondering?  Good stuff there, I tell ya.

Thank you, B&H and Handlebar, for the review copy of Invisible! My opinions are my own.